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Attention All Ocean Tower Unit Owners

On April 24, 2009 we informed you of tighter security on the Bike Cages because of losses we were experiencing. Our intention is to follow the practice of only Management and Security having keys to the Bike Cage from October 15th (when the pool closes) to May 15th (when the pool opens).

For the Summer Season it is necessary to issue keys to those Owners who want access to the Bike Cage. The locks will be changed this week. The North and South Tower Bike Cages will have a different keys. Please see a security guard to sign out a key.

We strongly suggest you secure your bike with a high quality bike lock. One recommendation was the "NY Chain and Lock" made by Kryptonite. You can visit their web site at to learn more. On their web site you can buy from them direct or locate a Bike shop that carries their products.